Data Sovereignty

Knowing, where the data is located.

With dataAvail both you and your customers know exactly where the data you use is physically stored. dataAvail guarantees data sovereignty and the highest legal security. An essential requirement of public and private clients – the security of data storage and data exchange – is fulfilled by dataAvail by itself.

Protection against data misuse

Everything to protect your data

In addition to data sovereignty, the dataAvail system as a B2B product offers a number of additional security criteria: The servers are specially secured and are located in access-protected data centers. The data transfer from and to the server is exclusively encrypted. In addition, we offer training for the careful handling of data and access data to make the “other side” secure as well.

Made for Europe?

For the high legal requirements

The concept and the product were developed in Europe and for the high legal requirements of the European market. The underlying strategy of the implementation of dataAvail is based on the fact that your data is physically hosted in one or two secured data centers in Europe and not distributed “in the cloud”.
The current discussions about security and the “safe harbour” encourage us to offer a future-proof alternative in Austria.

dataAvail is multilingual and is currently available in German and English. The user can decide for himself which language he prefers for the operation of the system. This also allows the cooperation in international teams.

Failure Safety

Protection against data loss and operating failure

dataAvail guarantees highest reliability, even in case of a complete failure of the primary site.  Your running costs for dataAvail include a real backup system for data storage in a secondary system. The system data is backed up in a parallel-system and is available for failure setups. The server systems are equipped with high quality hardware – well above standard solutions.

With a standard interface dataAvail also offers the possibility to save individual areas or the entire file system locally and to additionally display snapshots of the system.

Legal security

Due diligence on customer data

dataAvail guarantees that the data will be stored exclusively in Europe and therefore is subject to the European law and data protection act. This provides a clearly simplified and clear legal basis for the handling of the data.

The data that you manage with dataAvail online is stored in your own server system optimized to your requirements. You know exactly where the data is physically stored. You have fulfilled the highest legal security and thus an essential requirement for many, especially public clients. This strategy represents an additional protection against data misuse.


Reference projects

Viennese government relies on dataAvail regarding the complete file management process for the metro construction U2-U5, including all certification processes.
Stadt Wien project Stadtstrasse, data management
IG-PREM project-oriented, scalable platform für data management


dataAvail was awarded with the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien sponsorship award.

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