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High quality usage of FTP

Powerful like FTP, but easily administrable

The system replaces FTP servers with a system that is easy to administer. It meets the highest security requirements and, in addition to valuable additional information, also provides data on the genesis and the use of data. It supports you in communicating with your project partners through reporting and notifications. The data can be saved locally as a file system alongside the system and backup system via standard interfaces.
dataAvail offers this sophisticated function in the form of a modern graphical web application, which is characterized by high performance and easy handling, additional information and function and allows an efficient and goal-oriented work.


Online data plattform

Manage and make data available

With dataAvail you can map even very complex project structures and control the cooperation by hierarchical rights of groups and users. Even users without access to the system can be provided with data via link – for a limited time and password protected. This makes dataAvail a full-fledged online data platform and a high-quality data management tool.
dataAvail does not replace project management, but acts as a flexible interface between project organisations. Therefore dataAvail can be used in very heterogeneous project structures with different forms and degrees of organisation without questioning established processes and different methods in project management.

Your online work resources

Departments, locations, home office

With dataAvail you can use your data independent of your work location, without having to build up a cost-intensive infrastructure – whether you are on the road, have several fixed or temporary locations (construction sites, project sites …) or use Home Office. Internet access is sufficient. dataAvail offers you optimal availability and security of your data, regardless of location.

Working in groups

Using resources together

The system can also be used by several companies and institutions in parallel to share the costs. For legal reasons, however, we recommend this only for permanent cooperations such as office sharing.


Ziviltechniker, Planungsbüros, Architekten
Firmen mit mehreren Standorten

Reference projects

Viennese government relies on dataAvail regarding the complete file management process for the metro construction U2-U5, including all certification processes.
Stadt Wien project Stadtstrasse, data management
IG-PREM project-oriented, scalable platform für data management


dataAvail was awarded with the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien sponsorship award.

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